Essential Tips to Improve Bathroom Accessibility for elderly people

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How to Remodel your Bathroom to increase Accessibility for elderly people

Accidents and injuries which occur within the bathroom are statistically more common amongst elderly people. It is important to consider accessibility options if you are expecting frequent visits from an older person or if you are inviting an older relative to move into your home.

The type of bathroom accessibility options that you will need to install will depend on the mobility level of the person that will be using the bathroom. Some of these improvements will require the help of an experienced trades person while a confident DIY enthusiast could undertake some of the other implementations.

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Which are the Best and Worst Boiler Brands


Which is the Best Boiler Brand for My Central Heating?

Upgrading your old G-rated boiler for a more fuel efficient A-rated boiler can save you up to £235 per year in energy costs. The modern eco-friendly boilers are so energy efficient that all new boilers installed in the UK must be A-rated energy efficient boilers to help reduce the impact of CO2 emissions from the nations heating requirements.

Which type of boiler is right for my home?

The most common type of new boiler installation in the home is a condensing boiler. These energy efficient boilers use a significant amount of energy produced which would have gone to waste in older boiler types.

Condensing boilers are the preferred boiler type for any homes which are connected to the mains gas supply and use this as their main energy source. Some homes still rely on oil-powered boilers however and these properties will be limited to oil only boilers.

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Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Repairs

Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Repairs

A Saniflo Macerating Toilet System offers the perfect solution for toilet and bathroom installations which are unable to use conventional disposal methods to move waste into the sewage system.

Saniflo Macerating pumps move waste into a sealed area where it is broken into a fine slurry that is pumped away.

If you experience problems with your Saniflo unit, you will require assistance from a fully trained and experienced plumbing engineer who carries genuine Saniflo parts to provide a reliable repair service.

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Renewable Heating: Biomass Central Heating Systems


Biomass Central Heating Systems

Biomass heating systems use the energy stored in wood chips, pellets or logs to produce hot water for heating or to heat a single room. Wood fuelled bio mass boilers can save your household money on its energy bills compared to electric heating.

By replacing a traditional gas or electric boiler by a renewable heating system fuelled by biomass, you could save £70 per year compared to older gas boilers and as much as £880 annually compared to an electric heating system.

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Central Heating: Reducing your Heating Bills with Home Insulation

Reducing your Heating Bills with Home Insulation

One of the most significant ways to improve the amount of heat that you get from your boiler and central heating is to replace any older heating systems with new energy efficient boilers, radiators and possibly renewable energy source heating.

If you are considering new central heating system installation or you want to improve the efficiency of your existing boiler, there are a number of ways for you to insulate your home and get the full benefit of the energy produced for your home.

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Which Type of Underfloor Heating is Best For My Home?

Which Type of Underfloor Heating is Best For My Home?

Underfloor heating systems commonly offer heat from beneath tiled and stone flooring. These systems can also work beneath a carpeted floor as long as the underlay and carpet density does not prevent the heat from rising through it.

Underfloor heating is more efficient than a single radiator as it requires a lower temperature to be effective since it is distributed throughout the room.

Should I choose electric or water underfloor heating?

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