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Radiator Installation

{company-name} offer a complete radiator service throughout Preston, the Fylde, Chorley, Lancaster and the whole of Lancashire. Whether you are experiencing radiator problems, require a radiator installation or wish to have your central heating serviced and maintained by a professional team, our experienced plumbing and heating engineers are here to help.

Central Heating Installations

Our experienced plumbing services offer a wide range of new radiator installations to choose from for our customers throughout Preston, Lancaster, Blackpool, Chorley and Lancashire.

Whatever your style of home, we can offer the perfect radiator system to suit your individual requirements and taste. Our knowledgeable installation experts will be happy to assist you with finding the most cost effective central heating system to suit your needs.

We supply and install a range of steel panel radiators including seam-top or round-top styles. For the ultra modern home we also offer the premium flat panel design for a stylish contemporary look.

Standard Compact Radiators: A standard compact radiator is a highly efficient and cost effective solution to your central heating requirements. Also known as steel panel radiators, standard compact radiators offer great value for money.

Round Top Radiators: Round top radiators offer a stylish and practical appearance without any sharp edges, welds, side panels or top grilles. The overall effect of the round top radiator is offering the illusion of more space.

Flat Panel Radiators: The flat panel radiator works exactly the same way as a conventional compact radiator but offers an aesthetically pleasing flat front surface which is popular within modern homes.

Eco Radiators: By using a low water content, our range of energy-saving radiators can save the home owner up to 10.5% on their heating bills. Eco radiators loose significantly less heat from the back of the radiator and provide an increase of over 50% for heat potential from the front.

Radiator Maintenance

Our radiator maintenance services offer you a regular inspection and servicing to ensure that your radiators and heating systems are kept in perfect working condition.

Our radiator maintenance service includes the following:

Radiator Replacement

When your radiator has become expensive due to servicing and repair work or if you would like to take advantage of a new energy saving radiator installation, our plumbing and heating engineers offer a reliable service and offer advice on the best radiators available.

Over time, your central heating radiator can become unreliable or damaged. One of the main causes of radiator problems is due to the high level of constant usage during winter compared to the more sporadic use during summer time.

Following the summertime, it is advisable to arrange for a servicing to be carried out for older radiators to prepare your heating system for the winter usage requirements. Once a radiator has become seized or blocked up regularly, the costs of repair work required may mean that you will benefit from the installation of a new radiator.

A radiator replacement offers your household the benefit of having a fully functioning radiator system and by replacing your old radiator with a new energy saving radiator, you can save money on your energy bills.

Radiator Repairs

If you experience problems with your radiators, a member of our central heating plumbing engineers can quickly identify and fix any issues that is preventing your heating system from performing correctly.

We understand how essential is is for every household to have adequate central heating which is why our emergency pluming call out service offers a 24 hour repair service whenever you need us.

Radiator Servicing

Our gas safe plumbing and heating specialists offer an annual servicing for all of your central heating. Because we offer a complete service, we can identify any problems within your radiators, boilers, plumbing or thermostat to ensure that you have a safe and efficient central heating system that works when you need it to.

Eco Radiators

Installation of an Eco radiator can help you reduce money on energy bills and provide a beneficial effect on the environment. Because Eco radiators heat less water, you use less energy to generate the same amount of heat. By replacing all of your radiators throughout your central heating system with Eco radiators, you can magnify the energy saving potential of your home.

Can I fit a radiator to an existing system?

When fitting a radiator to an existing system you should only allow a skilled and experienced plumber to carry out any work on pipework and plumbing in your household or business premises. Badly installed plumbing can cause leaks which can cause damage to the surrounding furniture, flooring or plaster.

{company-name} provide a complete range of general plumbing services for customers in Lancaster, Accrington, Pendle, Poulton-le-Fylde, Morcambe and Lancashire. Call {phone-number} today for a free quotation.

How does a power flushing help my heating to work better?

Power flushing provides a complete flushing out of your radiators, pipework and boiler to remove any blockages which can cause problems with the performance of your heating. A sludge and silt build up can cause noise or cold patches in your radiators or boiler.

{company-name} provide a fully qualified power flushing service throughout Preston, Whalley, Garstang, Darwen and Lancashire. Call {phone-number} today for a free quotation.

How to add a radiator to a combi boiler system?

If you want to add a new radiator to your heating system or replace an older one, ask our heating engineers for a quote. Radiator fitting is not an expensive task as a competent engineer can do this quite easily.

{company-name} provide radiator fitting for customers in Clifton, Wyre, Nelson, Hyndburn, Leyland and Lancashire. Call {phone-number} today for a free quotation.

Who do I call in Lancashire if my radiators stop working?

If you experience a fault with your radiators, you need to contact a central heating specialist. They can identify the source of the problem and provide a fast and effective solution or can replace your old models with more efficient new radiators if required.

Our plumbing and heating experts can attend to any problems that you notice in your radiators throughout Burnley, South Ribble, Pendle, Blackpool and Lancashire.

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24 Hour Emergency Boiler Repair

Emergency Call Out

Central Heating Radiators Problems

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