How does a Sanifo Macerating Toilet System Work

How does a Sanifo Macerating Toilet System Work

How does a Sanifo Macerating Toilet System Work

Installing a Saniflo macerating toilet system is usually required in bathroom installations where it is not cost effective or impossible to install the conventional plumbing fixtures to transport waste materials to a below-the-floor drainage system.

Saniflo products can be used for toilet, bathtub and sink basins located in domestic additional bathrooms or in the commercial environment such as in schools, offices, restaurants and retail stores.

What is a macerating toilet system

The Saniflo macerating toilet system is designed to break up normal waste materials so that it can be transferred as a slurry to a septic tank or sewage system.

The macerating pump uses a fast rotating blade to soften and break up common toilet waste which it is then able to easily discharge under pressure as a fine slurry. Once the toilet is flushed, the water enters a pump which is permanently sealed that is located in a box between the toilet and the wall.

The macerating toilet system process

When the toilet is flushed, the discharged effluent is transported out of the rear of the fixture into the macerator pump. The macerator is located inside a wall or housed inside a plastic box near to the toilet.

Once a certain level of effluent has been reached within the pump, a micro-switch activates the macerating device.

When the macerator begins to break down the waste materials, the blades rotate at 3,600 revolutions per minute. All solids are reduced into a liquid.

The liquid effluent is then pumped using pressure into a solid stack or septic tank and a non-return valve prevents any backflow returning into the unit.

The toilet will now refill with water for further use.

Saniflo Installation and Servicing in Lancashire

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