Bathroom Installations in Small Spaces

Bathroom Installations in Small Spaces

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Bathroom Installations in Small Spaces

If you only have a small space available to create your bathroom, wetroom or cloakroom, there are many products which are sold in smaller sizes than the standard model. Hanging storage units and rails from the walls also frees up floor space which gives the illusion of the room being larger than it is.

Glass shelves, hooks and towel rails offer additional wall mounted storage. By installing heated towel rails you can benefit further from freeing up wall space which would be required for a radiator.


Another alternative is to install a wetroom which is a fully tiled room that you can shower in without the need for a shower tray to stand in. Wetrooms offer the perfect solution for bathrooms which are short of available space but you may need to install a curtain to protect your toilet, towels and toilet roll from getting wet.

Bathroom Storage and Cabinets

The use of storage space within your bathroom can drastically effect the amount of space available as well as giving the impression of increased room. Consider the following bathroom storage options:

  • Built in storage cabinets beneath the sink or bath can make practical use of wasted space.
  • Freestanding cabinets offer you the advantage of being able to move it to where it is most advantageous.
  • Windowsills can be adapted as additional shelf storage.
  • Wire racks or storage baskets can be added to the sides or corner of your bath to hold additional toiletries.
  • You may be able to buy shop produced storage for your bathroom, but for awkward spaces you may need to consider a tradesman designing a bespoke solution.
  • Corner units provide a great way to make the best use of space.

En suite bathrooms, cloakrooms and shower rooms

If you have any unused space in your home which is located near a waste pipe, you could take advantage of it to create an additional shower room, cloakroom or en suite bathroom. Adding an extra toilet, washroom or shower within your home will make life easier when you have visitors staying whilst also adding value to your home.

You could consider utilising space available by considering the following ideas:

  • A fitted wardrobe in a bedroom can become an ensuite.
  • A large bedroom could be divided with a partition wall to add an ensuite bathroom.
  • Use space from two rooms which are divided by partition walls to create an additional bathroom or shower room.
  • Add an extra toilet downstairs by dividing your kitchen, making use of a utility room or installing a room in the space under the stairs.

Bathroom Installations in Lancashire

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