Save money on your Bathroom Plumbing with these Five Tips

Save money on your Bathroom Plumbing with these Five Tips

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You can prevent costly repairs and emergency call out fees by following these five tips for improving your bathroom plumbing

As one of the most visited rooms in your home and one of the few rooms that you can expect guests to see when the are staying at your home, when you experience problems with your bathroom plumbing, it can cause major problems.

Maintaining your bathroom plumbing is the most effective way of ensuring that your facilities are working correctly and saving money in plumbing repairs or reduced water usage.

Blocked Shower Head

It is important to keep your showerhead and shower system clean and in good working order to help reduce water usage and ensure that anyone is able to use the shower facilities whenever they need to.

One tip for improving the performance of your shower head is to remove the shower head and soak it in vinegar over night. You will find that any limescale build up will now become easy to remove with scrubbing. Be sure to let your shower run after you re-attach it to allow all vinegar to be washed off.

Tap Water Flow

You should carry out regular assessments about how well your bathroom taps are performing. Turn on your taps and check the water flow whilst looking for any obvious leaks.

Reduction in water pressure may indicate that your pipes are obstructed or have become frozen. Spotting these problems early can save you money on expensive repairs and plumbing replacements if they are left unattended.

Unused Pipe Flushing

You can ensure that all of your plumbing is kept free from blockage by regularly flushing any unused pipes. If you have any pipes that do not get used on a regular basis, you should pour water them to keep your pipes performing well and to avoid draining problems.

Pipe Insulation

If you have any plumbing or pipework which is exposed to cold areas, it is important to provide pipe insulation to prevent them from freezing during the winter months. Frozen water in pipes can put pressure on your plumbing and cause them to burst which may lead to property damage and a health hazard if any excess water comes into contact with electrical installations.

Reduce Water Bills

A professional plumbing service can help you save money on your water bills by offering advice on water saving products available within the bathroom. Examples of new installations that can save you money on your water bills include dual flush toilets, shower timers, shower head replacements and tap inserts.

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