Renewable Heating: Biomass Central Heating Systems

Renewable Heating: Biomass Central Heating Systems

Biomass Central Heating Systems

Biomass heating systems use the energy stored in wood chips, pellets or logs to produce hot water for heating or to heat a single room. Wood fuelled biomass boilers can save your household money on its energy bills compared to electric heating.

By replacing a traditional gas or electric boiler by a renewable heating system fuelled by biomass, you could save £70 per year compared to older gas boilers and as much as £880 annually compared to an electric heating system.

Installing biomass heating systems offer significant savings on the amount of CO2 that your household produces compared to traditional heating methods. By converting from a coal-powered boiler to a wood-fuelled biomass boiler, you can save up to 15.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Benefits of Biomass Heating

Cost effective Heating

The costs of the wood pellets and chips required to fuel a biomass boiler can be significantly less than alternative heating options. You may also benefit from the UK Governments Renewable Heat Incentive which offers financial support for installing renewable heating systems in your property.

The price of wood pellets used to fuel a biomass boiler depends on the method and size of delivery. You can keep the costs lower by having several tonnes of pellets delivered at once. This obviously depends on the space available for fuel storage.

You may find that logs are a cheaper alternative than pellets and if you have the available space to store a years worth of logs, you can save money by leaving unseasoned logs to become seasoned for a year before use.

Low Carbon Energy Source

Using wood as the fuel source for your central heating is also a carbon-neutral option producing less harmful CO2 emissions. Since the carbon dioxide which is released from the burning of wood is the same quantity as that which the tree absorbed throughout its lifetime, you will not be adding any additional CO2 into the environment when you use biomass as a fuel source.

Is biomass renewable heating suitable for my home?


If you are considering installing a biomass heating system for your home or business, you will need to consider the availability of wood pellets and wood chip near you. Transportation of wood fuel to your property and space for storage are significant considerations.

If you are a business which produces a surplus of waste wood as a result of manufacturing, you may benefit the most from a biomass boiler installation.

It is important to keep your biomass boiler system clean and it will require a regular sweeping to remove ash. There are self-cleaning systems available to reduce the amount of maintenance required.

A biomass heating system will require a flue installation if one is not already available. You may also need to gain planning permission for installing a wood heating system in your area.

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