Should I get an Annual Boiler Servicing?

Should I get an Annual Boiler Servicing?


Why Do I Need an Annual Gas Boiler Servicing?

Following a boiler installation or old boiler servicing, you should get it serviced again within 12 months to ensure that it is working correctly.

This is a required service that homeowners must complete and many customers wish to understand why they should pay the extra cost.

Most gas boiler manufacturers advise that your boiler undertakes an annual boiler servicing to ensure that it remains operating efficiently. If you fail to carry out a boiler servicing by a Gas Safe registered engineer, you may find that your manufacturer guarantee becomes void.

Getting your boiler serviced on an annual basis requires additional money spent each year but the results of not having your boiler checked and serviced could become even more costly and result in loosing your guarantee, having to pay for costly repairs or a boiler replacement.

What causes a boiler to require an annual servicing?

For your boiler to fire up, it requires the use of three elements; energy, gas and oxygen. A continuous amount of oxygen is required to keep the combustion process active and the air will be drawn in from the environment surrounding the boiler location.

The oxygen used to keep your boiler running will be carrying particles of dust inside your boiler from the air around the boiler. Special attention needs to be paid for residents living near to a busy road or somewhere with dirty air, then the build up of dirt will become increased.

For some open flue or flue-less boilers fitted in a house with laminate floors, you may also see an increased build up of contaminants from the floor such as dog hair, dust particles, dead skin and other debris. Carpets tend to absorb dust more efficiently and produce less contamination within your boiler.

Watch out for boilers which are exposed to these additional pressures of dirt build up, you may require a boiler servicing once every six months rather than each year.

How does the build up of dust effect my boiler performance?

A build up of dirt, dust and hairs within your boiler can lead to increased heating bills as your boiler is not burning fuel in an efficient way. Dirt within the boiler blocks the jets of heat required for complete combustion. When only partial combustion is occurring then your boiler operates incorrectly resulting in it running too hot or too cold.

If you experience reduced efficiency in your heating system or if you notice that you are using more fuel to heat your home then you should arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to check your heating system or complete a boiler servicing.

Failure to keep your boiler serviced will result in wasting money on fuel bills or a boiler breakdown which will not be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

What Should I Expect From A Boiler Service?

If you are looking to get a boiler serviced, you can benefit from understanding what to expect from a typical boiler service.

Read our guide to find out more information: What Should I Expect From A Boiler Service?

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