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Surviving Winter with these Plumbing Tips

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What to do if you experience plumbing problems during winter

When the weather is cold outside the last thing that your household wants to experience is problems with your central heating and plumbing. During the winter months there are a number of problems which can effect your plumbing and heating. You may notice that your radiators stop working correctly or that there is a drop in water pressure caused by frozen pipes.

This guide offers a number of actions which you can undertake to help prevent loosing your heating and hot water when the temperature significantly drops.

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Plumbing Services: Tap Repairs

Plumbing Services in Lancashire: Tap Repairs

How to repair a dripping or leaking tap

If you have ever experienced a leaking or dripping tap, you will understand how much of a nuisance it can be. Rather than letting it drip away wasting your water you will either need to call a plumber to carry out a fix or learn how to solve the problem yourself.

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