Surviving Winter with these Plumbing Tips

Surviving Winter with these Plumbing Tips

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What to do if you experience plumbing problems during winter

When the weather is cold outside the last thing that your household wants to experience is problems with your central heating and plumbing. During the winter months there are a number of problems which can effect your plumbing and heating. You may notice that your radiators stop working correctly or that there is a drop in water pressure caused by frozen pipes.

This guide offers a number of actions which you can undertake to help prevent loosing your heating and hot water when the temperature significantly drops.

Solutions to preventing your plumbing from freezing up during the winter months

Before undertaking any plumbing and heating DIY activities within your home it is important that you use the correct tools and wear appropriate protection. If you are not 100% confident with DIY then consult a trained plumbing engineer.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

When the water in your pipes become frozen, the frozen water will expand causing your pipes to split and become damaged. Leaks from split pipes will cause significant problems within the home including damage to the electrics and structural damage.

One of the most common problems that plumbers have to attend to during the winter months is frozen pipes. By preventing the water from freezing in the first place, you could save a lot of trouble and expense.

Keep an eye on the flow of water that passes from your taps during winter and if you notice a lowering in the water flow, your plumbing may be experiencing a drop in water pressure due to freezing.

You can prevent your plumbing from becoming frozen by insulating your home against drafts as much as possible. You can also protect your pipes by wrapping them in insulation such as electrical heating tape.

Which are the most Susceptible Pipes?

Pipes and plumbing located outside of the house are the most susceptible to freezing. You will also find that pipes in unheated areas and that lead from under the sink to the outside commonly experience problems in lower temperatures.

By understanding the locations where your plumbing is most vulnerable from the cold, you can quickly locate the most likely cause of any freezing pipes. You should also make a point of regularly checking these areas for signs of any problems.

Can I use Electrical Heat Tape to Protect My Pipes?

Electrical heat tape can offer a hazard free protection for your pipes that are susceptible to freezing. Electrical heat tape will continue to keep your water free from problems of freezing and flowing correctly as long as the utilities are on.

When wrapping your pipework in electrical heat tape it is important to follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure that you are applying it correctly.

How do I keep my plumbing free from drafts?

A common cause of plumbing problems during the winter months is exposure to drafts within the home. You should check your property for any cracks or defects in the buildings foundations, secure all windows, doorways and openings whist ensuring that all rooms are insulated to a high level.

You will need to locate all areas within the house that pipes may be exposed to lower temperatures including hidden parts of the house and small crawl-spaces.

What is the best way to insulate pipes?

One of the most effective ways that you can protect your plumbing from freezing is by insulating the pipes with fibreglass or foam rubber insulation. When combined with electric heat tape, this offers the most efficient protection against your water freezing and causing damage.

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  1. Thanks for this! Plumbing systems are a seasonal work, so it needs regular maintenance and inspection. With these tips homeowners would be more aware when to fix and when to ask for professional help, and much better if prevention of anything wrong will be practiced.

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