Plumbing Services: Tap Repairs

Plumbing Services: Tap Repairs

Plumbing Services in Lancashire: Tap Repairs

How to repair a dripping or leaking tap

If you have ever experienced a leaking or dripping tap, you will understand how much of a nuisance it can be. Rather than letting it drip away wasting your water you will either need to call a plumber to carry out a fix or learn how to solve the problem yourself.

This is a simple guide to fixing a leaking tap:

  • You will first need to stop your water supply at the mains. The internal stop tap is usually located below the kitchen sink or in another common location.
  • Next, unscrew the tap nut whilst holding firmly onto the tap spout. You should ensure that the plug is fitted in the plughole before you begin to catch anything that falls.
  • Check and replace the washer. A worn washer will look old and squashed. You can easily replace the washer with a new one from a local DIY store.
  • Replace the tap nuts tightly so that it is fixed back to the original condition.
  • If your tap continues to leak following a washer replacement
    then you will probably need to replace the seating.

Other causes of leaking taps

For older taps made from brass, the taps can develop cavities and the whole tap may need replacing.

For taps which vibrate when they are turned on or if the leak is flowing from the tap spindle, you will probably need to replace the O-ring or gland packing seals.

How to diagnose a dripping or leaking tap

A dripping tap can waste water, stain your sink and also become very annoying. Understanding the type of leak will help you diagnose the problem so that you can carry out a DIY fix or call an experienced plumber to solve the problem.

Is the tap dripping from the spout?

If you have a modern tap (you only turn the tap lever for a quarter to get a full flow) called a ceramic disc tap, then you will need to check the whole central cartridge and may even need to replace it.

The more common type of tap (you will need to turn the tap head several times to get a full water flow) called a pillar tap or stem tap will require a washer replacement. Washers can be easily replaced by DIY methods if you have the correct tools.

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Is the tap leaking from the top?

If your tap is leaking water from the top then it may be caused by a faulty O-ring which will need replacing or you may need to tighten the gland nut which holds the spindle in place.

Is the tap leaking from below?

If water is leaking from below the taps, you should not attempt to fix the problem. You should place a bucket below the leak and call a qualified plumber.

If your tap is a swivel spout, it is common to find these leaking from the base. You can easily fix these types of leak by removing the spout and replacing the seal.

Tap Repair Plumbers

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