Tips for Renovating your Master Bathroom

Tips for Renovating your Master Bathroom

Renovating your Master Bathroom

One of the most effective small scale renovation projects which can make a big impact on the look and value of your home is to refurbish your master bathroom. Changing the usefulness and design of your bathroom will help to improve the experience of your daily routines and make a positive impact on visitors to your home.

Make the best use of space available

The best way to improve your master bathroom is by increasing the size. If there is a possibility of expanding your bathroom in any direction, the extra space can give you a lot more options for improving the layout design.

Natural Light

By taking out a wall and adding a window to your bathroom, you can improve the atmosphere of you bathroom by allowing in natural light which produces a feeling of openness. If there is no option available to add a window, consider skylights to let the sunlight in.

Improve Storage

Adding the correct storage areas in your bathroom frees up space and allows you to keep your bathroom products kept neatly tidied away. Consider the addition of shelving, drawers, cabinets and storage trolleys to keep your items organised and improve the usability of the room.

The look and style of your chosen cabinets can add dramatic effects to the presentation of your master bathroom and replacing older storage is an easy way to achieve a great look. If you are not able to replace your cabinets then updating the doors, knobs, or handles offers a low cost way to update your design.

Replace the Flooring

The style of flooring that you choose to install can have a significant impact on the overall mood of the bathroom. A natural tone such as taupe or ivory will help keep the bathroom feeling light.

You may also wish to consider installing underfloor heating to keep your feet warm on cold mornings. Without underfloor heating, ceramic tiles can become cold to walk over during winter.

Add Luxury to your Bathroom

To create a luxurious bathroom environment, the space needs to be inviting, calming and offer a place to relax.You can make the bathroom more comfortable with the addition of a relaxing chair to sit in following a bath.

Include subtle relaxing light options by installing a dimmer switch which can make your bathroom bright in the morning or dimmer whist taking a relaxing bath.

Using a neutral colour for your bathroom allows you to add colourful accessories such as towels, vases and curtains whilst not clashing with the interior design.

The finishing touch for your luxury bathroom is the addition of artwork, scented candles, flowers and plants.

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