What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wetroom Installation

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wetroom Installation

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wetroom Installation

Installing a wetroom as an additional bathroom offers an extra washing facility for guests and residents whilst also adding value to the property. Wetrooms have become a desirable feature for home buyers and is perfect for small bathroom installations where a bath or shower takes up too much floor-space.

There is a large selection of wetroom styles available, so whatever your individual taste may be, you can find the perfect wetroom for you. Wetrooms can be fitted into almost any home and designed to suit any interior home decor.

Advantages of installing a wetroom

Contemporary design: Whatever your individual preferences are regarding interior design, wetrooms offer a great stylish look for the contemporary or traditional home.

Increase the value of your home: Wetrooms are particularly popular amongst home-buyers and offer an advantage for properties on the housing market allowing for a potential increase in desirability and value.

Save space: If you are installing a wetroom in a small bathroom space, you can save a lot of floor space compared to installing a bath or a shower with a shower tray.

Easy maintenance: Compared to cleaning a bathroom with a shower screen and tray, a wetroom offers an easy to clean option. By adding a wall mounted toilet and sink, it becomes more convenient to maintain.

Protect your flooring: A properly fitted wetroom will protect the flooring beneath the tiles a lot more efficiently than in a standard bathroom.

Disadvantages of installing a wetroom

Additional shower spray: If your wetroom is fitted in a small space, you will need to consider that toilet roll and towels can get wet from the shower spray. You may need to consider extra screening for smaller bathrooms.

Professional plumber required: It is essential that a wetroom is installed by a professional plumbing engineer. Badly fitted wetrooms can leak water and cause expensive repair work later on.

Extra tiling required: For your wetroom to work efficiently, you will require additional tiling to be fitted from floor to ceiling. A complete wetroom tiling job can become expensive and if you fit porous stone tiles, you may require a resealing to be completed every few months.

Avoid replacing your main bathroom: Installing a wetroom as an extra bathroom has many advantages to increasing the value of your property, but if you are replacing a main bathroom and a bath with a wetroom, it can make your home less desirable as home-buyers usually require at least one bath in the house.

Wetroom and Bathroom Installations in Lancashire

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