What Should I Expect From A Boiler Service?

What Should I Expect From A Boiler Service?

Boiler manufacturers agree that having an annual boiler servicing is the best way to keep it operating effectively.

But how do you know if you are getting everything that you should from a boiler service?

We describe below what you should expect from a boiler service?

Why is an annual boiler service required?

Having an annual boiler service is a cost-effective and beneficial way to keep your heating working correctly.

A boiler service aims to identify any potential problems that could affect the performance of your central heating in the future.

When your boiler experiences a problem you may not be aware that anything is wrong.

By servicing your boiler, you can fix any issues before they become worse over time.

When a problem continues without being rectified, the issue could become much worse and create a more costly problem. When a boiler begins to fail, it can result in costly repairs which could have been prevented.

The efficiency of your boiler can be impacted if the boiler is made to work harder and use more energy due to an issue. If your boiler is working harder to produce heat, it will end up costing you more in fuel bills.

Since you can increase the lifespan of your boiler by undertaking a regular servicing, it is worth investing in.

The cost of replacing a boiler with a new model is a significant investment and the less often you need to replace your boiler, the more money you save in the long term.

Below is a summary of what you should expect from a boiler service.

Read our article Should I get an Annual Boiler Servicing? to find out why it is important to keep your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer.

Hire a Gas Safe Engineer

You should only allow a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your boiler. Only engineers trained and approved by the Gas Safe register can guarantee that the work completed will be provided to the recognised high standards.

A heating engineer should be able to complete an annual service for about £72. However, heating engineers are more in demand over the winter period, so prices are generally lower during the summer months.

If you take out boiler cover through a home service plan such as Homecare, boiler servicing is included. These plans, however, will cost over £200.

What is included in the boiler service?

The following checks should be completed by your heating engineer as they complete your boiler service:

  • A visual assessment of the boiler and the flame
  • internal and external examination of the flue
  • heat input and operating pressure checks
  • safety devises inspection
  • checks to ensure that the case seals are effective
  • internal boiler components are inspected by removing the casing.
  • examination of the heat exchanger, burner, spark probe/ sensor probe, main injector
  • the boiler is checked for working faults by firing up the system
  • boiler parts cleaned as required
  • the engineer will produce a full report on all the activity completed

How long should a boiler service take?

Before the service begins, confirm with the engineer what will be completed during the inspection.

A complete boiler service should be completed in about 30 minutes. If the inspection is completed too quickly, ask the engineer why it was so quick.

While the engineer is completing the inspection, keep a watch on the activity to ensure that all items of the checklist have been completed.

Most boilers will require each part of the checklist to be completed. However, variations are depending on the type of boiler that you own.

If your boiler is an older model, there may be additional inspections required. A conventional system will need the fan, burner and heat exchanger to be dismantled and checked.

Following the boiler service, ensure that you are provided with a written report and check that it has been completed correctly.

Ways that a boiler servicing will benefit you

If you get your boiler serviced each year you will improve the efficiency of your boiler and extend its life span. Here are the most significant benefits of getting an annual boiler servicing:

Keep Heating Bills Low

When all of the components of your boiler are working correctly, your heating system works more efficiently. As boilers get older, they can become less fuel-efficient and your heating bills will increase.

Regular boiler servicing can stop you from wasting money on increased fuel bills due to a less efficient system.

Prevent Breakdowns

Many homeowners are tempted to put off booking a boiler servicing to try and save money. This is short term thinking, however. A more efficient boiler saves money on your fuel bills throughout the year.

An annual service will also detect problems with your boiler preventing a breakdown. The cost of an emergency boiler repair call out or the need to replace a damaged boiler completely will be far more expensive


A Gas Safe engineer will examine your boiler to determine that there are no safety issues. If a potential problem such as a carbon monoxide leak is discovered, your heating engineer will be able to repair the issue.

Carbon Monoxide leaks are one of the major safety hazards that can be prevented by annual boiler servicing. Carbon Monoxide is a colourless gas which can cause brain damage and result in death if not detected.

If you notice that the flame in your boiler is burning orange rather than blue, you may be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Get in contact with a Gas Safe engineer immediately if you are worried about a boiler fault.


When you purchase a new boiler, it will usually come with a 1-15 year warranty from the manufacturer.

In most warranties, it is stipulated that the warranty is only valid as long as the boiler receives a service each year by a Gas Safe engineer.

Need a New Boiler?

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Now that you have a better understanding of what you should expect from a boiler service? make sure you contact your local Gas Safe engineer and arrange a servicing.

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