Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Repairs

Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Repairs

Saniflo Macerating Toilet System Repairs

A Saniflo Macerating Toilet System offers the perfect solution for toilet and bathroom installations which are unable to use conventional disposal methods to move waste into the sewage system.

Saniflo Macerating pumps move waste into a sealed area where it is broken into a fine slurry that is pumped away.

If you experience problems with your Saniflo unit, you will require assistance from a fully trained and experienced plumbing engineer who carries genuine Saniflo parts to provide a reliable repair service.

Identifying problems with your Saniflo Macerating Pump

Blocked Macerator

The Saniflo motor can become jammed if a foreign object is dropped into the toilet. Saniflo blockages can be caused by hand wipes, synthetic materials, sanitary towels or tampax being accidentally dropped into the toilet. These items cannot be broken down by the macerator blades and will cause unpleasant water to back -up through the toilet, sink, bidet or shower.

Vibrationg Saniflo Unit

When a large number of hand-wipes or sanitary towels are thrown into the toilet, they knot together in the macerator and cause the system to shudder.

Leaking from the Air Vent

A common cause of leakage is that the toilet has been flushed continuously following the pump not turning on. This causes water to rise above the macerator pump with nowhere to go.

Noisy Macerator Pump

A noisy Saniflo unit is usually caused by a foreign object dropped down the toilet. Another cause is a worn motor. A worn motor will make a knocking sound and need to be replaced.

My Macerator Pump is Buzzing

When a foreign object is jammed in the blades of the macerator pump, it will make a humming or buzzing sound. Humming is also caused by a blown electrical capacitor due to being overloaded.

The wall switch won’t turn off my Saniflo Macerator

If you try to switch off your Saniflo Macerator by using the wall switch and it will not turn off, then there may be a number of causes.

The pump may be blocked and will not turn off until the water has been drained.

Excess limescale or toilet cleaning liquid may have shrunk the membrane of the microswitch which may have become worn or damaged. If the membrane has been damaged it may be required to replace the microswitch and the membrane.

The Saniflo pump starts by itself

An overflowing toilet, leaking tap or faulty microswitch can cause the pump to start up by itself. You will need to inspect the microswitch or membrane within your macerator pump.

My Saniflo pump is tripping the electric

If your Saniflo pump trips the electric when you activate it, you will need to check for loose electrical connections inside and leading into your macerator pump.

A common cause of tripping the electricity is that water is leaking into the motor due to a worn macerator pump. If your pump is worn, it will need replacing.

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