Understanding your Heating and Hot Water Systems

Understanding your Heating and Hot Water Systems

Understanding your Heating and Hot Water Systems

If you would like to save money on your central heating and hot water bills, one of the most helpful ways to create a more efficient system is to understand your current heating system and find out if there is a better option available for your household.

Saving money on your heating bills

Within the UK, a typical household will spend over half of the money that goes toward energy bills on hot water and heating. This is why it is essential that each household begins to investigate the range of fuel efficient heating options available and find out if there is a more cost effective solution available.

Once your household becomes more energy efficient, it can reduce the amount of money that you spend on fuel bills whilst also reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy Efficient Central Heating

A central heating system that uses a boiler and radiators is the most common form of heating used in UK properties. This heating system makes use of a single boiler which heats water and pumps it to hot water taps and into radiators throughout the house.

Mains gas powered boilers are usually the cheapest to run and are the most common form of heating fuel. Some properties which do not have access to mains gas supply may have a boiler fuelled by coal, wood, oil or LPG (gas from a tank).

As well as being the cheapest fuel, gas is also the lowest producer of carbon dioxide emissions other than wood. Other boilers may require an electric immersion heater as an alternative energy source.

The main types of heating systems either use a hot water cylinder as storage for the heated water until it is required, or it will use a combi (combination) boiler which does not store hot water and heats it as it is needed.

Energy Saving Options

Whether you have a traditional heating system or a combi boiler, there are a number of ways that you can make savings on the money that you spend on your fuel bills.

Heating Controls By fitting better heating controls, you will be able to ensure that your boiler is producing hot water when you need it and where you need it.

Boiler Replacement Find out if your boiler is the most fuel efficient boiler available. By replacing an old boiler with a more energy efficient model you can save on fuel costs.

Renewable Heating By installing renewable heating systems as a substitute or compliment to your existing central heating system you could find a significant reduction in fuel bills.

Home Insulation Find out about ways in which you can improve the draught proofing or insulation of your home.

Chemical Inhibitors Using chemical inhibitors for improved maintenance of your heating system, you can keep it working efficiently.

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