Renewable Heating: What are the Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

Renewable Heating: What are the Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

What are the Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

Installing Renewable Heating in Lancashire

Air source heat pumps take the natural warmth from the outside air and
converts it into a source of energy to heat your hot water and heating. Air source heat pups offer an efficient and cost effective method of heating your household water and can produce heat from the outside air when the temperature is as low as -15∞ C.

Is an air source heat pump suitable for my home?

You you would like to consider the benefits of installing an air source heat pump in your home or business, you should consider the following requirements:

Can a unit be fitted onto your Property? To install a renewable heating system that uses an air source pump, you will require an outside location where the unit can be fitted. To ensure a good flow of air around the unit, you should ensure that it is surrounded by plenty of space.

Does your property have adequate insulation? To get the best results from an air source heat pump, your home will need to be well insulated and draght-proofed. The system produces heat at lower temperatures than traditional boilers so your property will need to hold as much of the heat produced as possible.

What fuel do you use to heat your home? To get the best value for money from an air source heat pump, you will be replacing a coal or electrical heating system. Replacing mains gas heating does not produce the most cost effective results.

How do you wish to heat your home? Air source heat pumps work at a lower temperature than traditional heating methods so it works most effectively when installed as warm air heating or underfloor heating than it does using radiator systems.

What are the benefits of using an air source heat pump for heating my home?

If you wish to reduce your heating bills, use less environmentally harmful fuel which requires no fuel deliveries then air source heating can benefit you.


  • Lower your fuel bills:
    Air source heating can reduce the amount of money that you spend on your energy costs, especially if you are replacing an electricity powered heating.
  • Potential income source: The UK government offer a monetary reward to install renewable energy heating through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
  • Reduce CO2 emissions:
    Installing air source heating can reduce the amount of carbon emissions that your home produces depending on which fuel you are replacing it with.
  • No fuel deliveries required: Since the system takes its heat source directly from the air, you will not require fuel to be delivered to power it.
  • Efficient Heating: An air source heat pump can be used to heat your home and heat your water.
  • Low maintenance: Once the system has been installed, it will require minimum maintenance.
  • Easy Installation: Compared to other renewable heating systems such as ground source heat pumps, the air source system is easier and costs less to install.

Renewable Heating Installations in Lancashire

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