What are the advantages of having a combi boiler installed in your home?

What are the advantages of having a combi boiler installed in your home?

What are the advantages of having a combi boiler installed in your home?

Combi boilers offer a space saving advantage over other heating systems as it combines the central heating and hot water heating within a single unit. Since the combi boiler is providing a complete water heating system for your home, there is no need for a separate water cylinder, freeing up much needed household space.

Installing a combo boiler on your property offers the following advantages:

  • Provides domestic hot water and central heating.
  • The compact size boiler can easily fit into a kitchen or storage cupboard.
  • Ideal for properties with limited space.
  • Less pipework required for installation.
  • No need for a storage cylinder.
  • Constant water pressure.
  • Hot water available on-demand.
  • Boiler connects directly to the mains.
  • Quick Installation.

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler (combination) is the most popular type of domestic boiler installation for home owners. More than 50% of new boiler installations in the UK and Lancashire are combi boilers.

Combi boilers offer a beneficial alternative to conventional boiler installations as they offer hot water to your taps and radiators on-demand.
As a combi boiler is fed water directly from the mains this system offers your home heating on demand with consistently high water pressure remaining even with heavy use.

The boiler can be quickly and easily fitted as less pipework is required and there is no need for a tank or cylinder to be fitted.

The combi boiler offers the perfect solution to households or businesses with limited space as they can be fitted easily into a storage cupboard or most kitchens. Because there is no need for bulky storage cylinders to be installed, your combi boiler can reduce the amount of space required for your heating system installation.

Which combi boiler do I need?

There are a large range of combo boilers available and you should make your choice based on your individual requirements. The boiler that you decide to install will depend on the following considerations:

Price: There are many low cost boilers available and the price that you pay will depend on the level of fuel efficiency, size or control features that your home or business requires.

Size: The size of boiler that you choose can have a significant impact on your fuel bills. You will need to consider how many rooms require heating and a hot water supply. Larger boilers can improve the water pressure that can decline if many appliances are used together. Space restrictions will also determine the size of your boiler.

Energy Efficiency: The more energy efficient that your boiler is, the less you will have to pay on your fuel bills. The energy efficiency of a boiler is rated from A to G. Boilers which are rated as A are the most fuel efficient and those rated G offer the least energy saving advantages.

Water Pressure : When a combo boiler is used in homes with two or more bathrooms or many appliances are being used at once it can result in a strain on the system. When this occurs some boilers will produce a decline in the water pressure. Larger boilers and some specialist boilers offer a better solution to combatting reduced water pressure.

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