What are the Benefits of Solar Water Heating?

What are the Benefits of Solar Water Heating?

What are the Benefits of Solar Water Heating?

Renewable Heating Installations

Solar heating is a cost effective solution to heating your water using heat from the sun to provide your households hot water.

You may require to also use an immersion heater or conventional boiler when solar energy is not sufficient. By using a combination of solar and conventional heating, you can benefit from hot water all year round whilst reducing the amount of money that you spend on your heating bills.

Why choose to install a solar powered heating system?

It is reliable: Solar power can provide hot water for your home throughout the year. You may need to use an immersion heater or boiler to increase the temperature during the winter months.

It is cost effective: Following the initial installation, you will not need to pay any fuel or heating bills for the power that you gain from the sun.

It uses green energy: Using a solar powered heating system, your household can reduce the carbon footprint due to lowering your carbon dioxide emissions.

Can I install solar power to heat my home?

Before you decide to install a solar powered heating system in your home, you will need to consider whether solar power is right for you. If your home meets the following requirements, you can benefit from the reduced costs and lower environmental impact that solar heating can provide:

Does your property have sufficient space for the panels to be fitted?

Your solar panels will need to be fitted to a part of your house that receives direct sunlight during the peak period of the day. Solar panels can be fitted to the roof, or hanging from a wall facing East to West through South. The space required will be about five square metres.

Can you fit an extra, or expanded water cylinder to your home?

Solar powered heating will require a water cylinder which is compatible with solar water heating. If your current cylinder is not compatible, you can upgrade your cylinder or add an additional cylinder with a solar heating coil.

Is your current boiler compatible with solar powered heating?

Most conventional boilers and hot water cylinders can be used with solar powered heating systems but a combination boiler may need to be replaced and a hot water tank installed.


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